Track listing:

1. Seek For Adventure 
2. Weir Keeper's Tale 
3. Catch You When You Fall
4. Together Alone
5. Murder In A Small Town
6. Freedom Is Everything
7. God Be My Judge 
8. People Come And Go
9. Cold




Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman - Weir Keeper's Tale

9 New acoustic songs by Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman.

"With this album, Damian and I both wanted to capture a real cohesive album of our songs outside of the writing we do with Headspace and other heavier bands. It gave us an opportunity to really focus on the songs as singer songwriters, and to concentrate on telling individual stories."
- Adam Wakeman -

Limited digipak CD

€ 14, 95 (+ 3,50 worldwide shipping)